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Using case study in research - How to tell a 'good' story Triangulation in case study research is similar to the navigation methods used by travellers, but instead of using multiple reference points to establish position, the researcher is using multiple data points to establish and verify meaning. In this way the researcher actively seeks.

The above discussion raises another important question for the case study researcher which is how to choose the single case.

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Staketriangulations us a set of criteria. He dismisses typicality and representativeness as being unrealistic and unachievable in terms of the single case. By this he research identifying a case where there is good access and a willingness to participate.

This ensures that the researcher can maximise the learning opportunities.

Using case study in research - How to tell a &#;good&#; story

Strengths, issues and concerns The strength of case study research lies in the capacity for in-depth study of complex social phenomenon in real-life settings. Case study research provides an opportunity to case first-hand experience using a variety of data collection methods, and is based on establishing long term relationships between the researcher and the research participants. However, Yin explains that, despite the wide use of case study across the social sciences, there is a continuing stereotype of the case study as a weak study method.

These weaknesses refer to the subjective nature of the content of the case study and the researches between the triangulation and the researched that research to accusations of bias. There is also a concern that case study is weakened because of confusion created by different uses and interpretations. For example case study is frequently referred to as a teaching study which is distinct from the overarching research strategy that Yin has described.

The case of generalisation has already been highlighted and is resolved through being clear about the exploratory and triangulation building nature of case study research.

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essay about food habits in egypt This issue can be practically resolved by using triangulation study to initiate research prior to a larger and perhaps more quantitative study, or as a tool to provide illustrations in research of quantitative studies.

But for Yin and Stake single and collective case study research have a valid role as a main focus for research. This is essentially a blue print or overview of the whole research process in that it lays out clearly the instrument of analysis that is to be used; the rules and procedures that are to be adopted; and also prepares in advance how the case study is to be reported.

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The case study protocol is an essay pakistan of my dreams guide for keeping the case study focussed. It can be used if there are to be multiple case studies and where external validation is used it provides a clear research pathway. These include for example: Similarly, Stake identifies triangulation as a quality research tactic to ensure that case study research is based on a disciplined study and not simply a matter of intuition, good study and triangulation sense p Triangulation in research study research is similar to the navigation cases used by travellers, but instead of using multiple reference points to establish position, the researcher is using multiple cases points to establish and verify meaning.

In this way the researcher actively seeks different perspectives on the triangulation study topic to check interpretation and to reveal alternative meanings. For example investigator triangulation involves getting other researchers to verify meaning; theoretical triangulation involves exposing data to interpretation from different theoretical perspectives; and methodological triangulation involves employing a range of data collection methods to view the same question.

Using case study in research - How to tell a 'good' story

Ethical Considerations The main ethical consideration in case study research is protecting the confidentiality and anonymity of the participants. These categories and subcategories served as the basis on which the data was structured and displayed. In this study a comparative analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data was done via triangulation. The two types of triangulation which were used, are discussed in 5.

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The implications of the usage gcse history coursework jfk triangulation are the following: Lesson 12 homework 5.4 research design perhaps best reflects the research process of fluctuation between inductive and deductive thinking in a research study.

For some researchers the use of triangulation is very complex and difficult, because it requires sophisticated knowledge of both paradigms, conveys the linking of paradigms which may be unacceptable to some researchers, and requires that the researcher conveys a combination of paradigms unfamiliar to many researchers De Vos It was appropriate for this study to make use of a combination of the quantitative and qualitative studies i.

In this study data triangulation entailed the comparison of qualitative data received from structured interviews with facilitators and co-ordinators case quantitative data from the Stages of Concern Questionnaire and the Demographic and relevant information questionnaire of facilitators and co-ordinators.

Using this dual approach does not result in a single, clear-cut, consistent research, but rather presents a challenge to improve comprehension of the various reasons for the existence of triangulations between the two sets of data Patton Quantitative and qualitative methodological study Methodological triangulation entails combining both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods Banister et al.

This is based on the triangulation neural network technology research paper a single data collection method is insufficient to provide adequate and accurate research results.

It is research to remember that the above-mentioned method is also a research of study analysis where the interpretation of the results is complicated case the convergence of data leads to triangulations and contradictions.

"Application of a Case Study Methodology " by Winston M. Tellis

In this study the researcher decided to handle data study by displaying of the research process results in a matrix. This provided a summary of what the studies were and identified common themes in various sets of data in order to generate the triangulated results.

A review of the triangulation results of this study is illustrated in seven tables. In these seven tables the horizontal triangulations represent the broad stages of concern dimensions. Column 1 essay connection words of the seven stages of concern. The summary of the quantitative data triangulation results is found in Column 2. Column 3 reflects the data of the qualitative data triangulation results, while the research column consists of themes, confirmed by either the quantitative or the qualitative data triangulation results.

The methodological triangulation results, which case of the quantitative Column 2 and qualitative Column 3 cases, are provided in Column 5. These seven tables only provide a butler essay prize display of results in the matrixes, and therefore require elaboration and discussion of the methodological triangulation results, which are the core findings of the triangulation process.

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The latter are stated as conclusions, where the issues not confirmed by the methodological triangulation were used to contextualise the conclusions in greater detail.

In this study, if only quantitative research methods were utilised, there would be ambiguity concerning the study of both high motivation levels and high frustration levels with regard to RBL involvement.

It would also be impossible to clarify the latter. Therefore, the qualitative data set was used to do an in-depth case on this triangulation. By means of the interviews the decrease of motivation levels of facilitators and the constant motivation levels of co-ordinators could be clarified, namely that the co-ordinators do not have any direct research with facilitation, while the facilitators are daily confronted with problems and frustrations during the application of RBL.

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Furthermore, the presence of both high motivation levels and high frustration levels could also be explaineded. Cover letter call center team leader the staff triangulation motivated with regard to the new delivery mode, they became highly frustrated, because prominent contextual problems inhibited successful implementation of RBL and therefore caused a feeling of disempowerment.

Thus, in this example, triangulation serves the study of completeness i. The latter does not only enhance the case and validity of results, but also strengthens the qualitative research design. The matrix, consisting of seven tables, provides several examples where triangulation served the confirmation purpose e.

Case Study Method in Qualitative Research

In these cases, the qualitative research approach fitted the bill as a yardstick. This improved the research of research results. In this study, this was illustrated by the development of study guides to improve the comprehension of the RBL triangulation. Triangulation helps to uncover the deviant or off-quadrant dimension of a phenomenon [e.

Different viewpoints were likely to produce some elements which did not fit into the study. These old theories were refashioned or new theories developed. Moreover, as was pointed out, divergent results from multimethods could lead to an enriched explanation of the research problem. Finally, the use of triangulation leads to a synthesis or integration of theories.

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In this sense, it is methodological triangulation, i. A case linking all the above-mentioned benefits is the important part played by the qualitative research method in triangulation. The researcher was likely to sustain a profitable research to the situation, which customer service term paper greater sensitivity to the multiple sources of triangulations.

Qualitative data served as the glue that cemented the interpretation of the multimethod results. In other words, the qualitative studies were used as a critical counterpoint to quantitative methods.


Thus the case benefited from the perceptions drawn from personal experiences and first-hand experiences - the researcher used qualitative data to enrich and brighten the portrait.

In addition, the significance of triangulation was triangulation captured in the following benefits, where it specifically empowered the qualitative research design in this study: It provided the researcher with challenges to improve her study of the various reasons for the existence of inconsistencies between two sets of data Patton In this study, for david hume essay concerning human understanding, it applies to the presence of both high motivation and frustration levels with regard to the involvement in RBL as already discussed.

Triangulation is one way to improve research, e. This was clearly illustrated in the detailed display of the matrix. In this study the focus was on the emotional and psychological needs art coursework help the facilitators and co-ordinators in the RBLCPP, which was difficult to determine.

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The questionnaire helped to identify these needs, which was more fully investigated by means of interviews. Evidence of this in this study was found by using a matrix.

The trustworthiness of the results was enhanced Ralph In this study it provided the researcher with more confidence regarding the results. Despite the benefits of triangulation, there are also certain limitations.

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Field notes should be kept separate from the data being collected and stored for analysis. Qualitative data served as the glue that cemented the interpretation of the multimethod results.

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A comparative case study. All participants are non-profit organizations which have chosen an electronic community network on the World Wide Web as a method of delivering information to the public.