The Laboratory for Archaeometric Analysis and Research (LAIA) was born in 2009 with the aim of developing and positioning the eesearch line of Archaeometry at the Universidad de Tarapacá (UTA) and Chile in an initiative funded by MECESUP-Mineduc (UTA0801) and the Universidad de Tarapacá’s Performance Agreement Mineduc. This initiative arises from the need to contribute to the improvement and development of innovative research in archeology, with first class scientific equipment. In particular, generate knowledge about our recent prehispanic past through the use of physical-chemical analysis of archaeological materials.

In the laboratory, applies different physicochemical analysis techniques (SEM-EDX and Raman) and In-situ (portable XRF) supplemented with the use of geomatics technologies and geospatial analysis records of findings and archaeological sites combine.


LAIA provides possibility of testing services and contributions to:






The Laboratory for Archaeometric Analysis and Research is a recent initiative that stems from the need to contribute to the improvement and development of archaeological investigations. From an interdisciplinary perspective, LAIA is specialized in the study of archaeological and historical heritage and approaches to combine real chemistry lab, physics, biology, geology and archeology. In particular, LAIA has a system of on-site work and the ability to perform physical and chemical laboratory analysis of organic and inorganic materials.

The Laboratory occupies an area of 40 m2, situated on the premises of the Department of Anthropology at the Universidad de Tarapacá in the Azapa Campus. Currently, LAIA is equipped with small to large scientific instruments that enable to address a broad range of problems related to the characterization of materials analysis and its evolution over time. For this, develops new testings and applies the least invasive and destructive protocols possible, by combining different techniques that should help address the heterogeneity of our objects and study samples.


In particular, LAIA searches for:

  1. To specialize in the analysis and archaeological investigations and laboratory archaeometry.
    It is recognized as a leader in laboratory analysis and archaeometric research.
  2. To be a laboratory with a working model that contributes to research and postgraduate students, academics and researchers.
  3. To contribute to the study and characterization of heritage, archaeological and historical assets, consisting of organic and inorganic materials.
  4. To contribute to the understanding of the processes of degradation and conservation of heritage, archaeological and historical assets.
  5. To contribute to generate and transfer scientific knowledge to the regional, national and international scientific community.

Laboratorio de Análisis e Investigaciones Arqueométricas
Museo Universidad de Tarapacá San Miguel de Azapa
XV Región de Arica y Parinacota
Camino a Azapa Km 12, Arica, Chile
Fono: +56 58 205573 +56 58 2386157 +56 58 2386177